Who We Are:

"In 2002 I was diagnosed with A.M.L.  My chances for survival were extremely low without finding a perfectly matched bone marrow donor.  I was blessed in that my younger brother was that perfect match.  My transplant was a newly developed protocol and was successful. I have been in remission for over four years.

When I was four years old my father died of leukemia at the age of twenty-six.  When my youngest daughter was almost three she was diagnosed with A.L.L.  She was successfully treated at the M.U.S.C. Children's Hospital.  She has since graduated from the University of South Carolina and is cured.  In 2003, my seventy-senven year old mother-in-law was diagnosed with A.M.L.  Unlike I, she was not a candidate for a transplant.  She fought a valiant battle against the disease but passed away on June 22, 2005.

During my extensive stays in the hospital, extensive stays in a local hotel as an outpatient, and my first-hand experience with the disease and as a transplant patient, allowed me to see exactly what this disease does, not only to the patient, but also the families of the patients and their finances.  During my pre- and post-transplant periods I had adequate insurance and a wonderful, supportive team.  Many of my co-patients were not as fortunate as I was and suffered financial disaster.

Our ultimate goal is providing a house for these special patients to offset the financial burden of staying in hotels."

Larry E. Parker


The Holiday Donor Form is the perfect gift for the person who has everything, and a great way to help others.


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