What We Are:

In October 2006, the Parker Miracle House Foundation partnered with the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge to provide a "home" for cancer patients, and their twenty-four hour a day caregivers, who are undergoing treatment for hematological malignancies and bone marrow/stem cell transplants, as well as all other cancers, in Charleston, SC area hospitals.  While the Miracle House Foundation is partnered with the Hope Lodge system it operates as a separate entity with all donations going directly for funding the house and guest care.  The Miracle House is specifically designed to provide adequate living space, a positive and supportive atmosphere, and an alternative for these patients who must travel great distances in order to receive specialized treatment not available in their own communities.  Cancer patients come to the Charleston area from throughout South Carolina, the surronding states and from across the United States to receive specialized treatment.  Insurance does not cover their stay in local hotels or meals and patients must cover out of pocket for all routine living expenses.  The Miracle House provides for better patient care for those receiving "routine" treatments for these diseases and for those in related research projects who cannot afford to stay in close proximity to the area professianals, hospitals, and cancer center.

The Purpose of the Miracle House is to provide a "home Like" atmosphere for interaction among other patients and their caregivers, and to provide an opportunity to foucus on the additional needs of cancer patients.  Cancer treatment far from home is a financial and emotional burden to families and the Miracle House provides housing for patients and their caregivers free of charge, regardless of their finacncial situation.  However, what often takes the heaviest toll on patients is the emotional isolation of living away from family and friends when their support and closeness is most needed.  The Miracle House brings patients together and allows them and their caregiver to share their common experiences and problems, to learn from each other, and to gain strength from knowing that they do not have to face these challenges alone.  The emotional and financial hardship of obtainting specialized treatment in an unfamiliar city adds to the already traumatic pressures of this disease facing patients and their families.  The Miracle House helps ease this burden by providing a "Home Away From Home."


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