Why Pursue This Goal:

The need for this house continues to be great as there is currently no other facility in the Charleston area that provides these specialized services for cancer patients.  While all cancer patients may stay at the complex it must be noted that there were over 100 bone marrow/stem cell transplants during this fiscal year and the second largest number of guests at the complex were hematological cancer patients.  Cancer patients must be within close porximity to the hospital during all phases of pre and post treatment, and must be isolated from the general population due to a suppressed immune system.  Transplant patients are required to remain within close proximity to the hospital for a period of at least one hundred days and are seen daily and extensively by their doctors and treatment centers.  All of these circumstances add to the crisis of the disease itself along with the financial and emotional burdens and our goal of helping to ease these burdens continues.

How We Will Achieve This Goal:

All money donated goes directly to the Parker Miracle House Foundation, Inc. for the purpose of funding this house and for patient care.  Our philanthropic goals must continue in perpetuity to maintain this facility and provide this much needed service as the guest rooms remain full, with waiting lists.  All donations are greatly appreciated!


The Holiday Donor Form is the perfect gift for the person who has everything, and a great way to help others.


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