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Clemson, SC                 click here
The Hope Lodge was a blessing to us.  The expense of hotels and meals in restaurants 3 times a day would have caused us signigicant distress -- Not a good situation for folks already dealing with the stress of cancer.  We also benefitted from getting to know the other guests and having that support structure -- a shared history, a shared journey.  Another big plus was the concierge.  Being able to escape to a garden or museum for free was a lifesaver.  The free laundry room was great.  Hope Lodge, Charleston is now on our list of places to donate to financially whenever we can.
Columbia, SC                click here
The Hope Lodge was a pleasant surprise.  I was apprehensive about residing in a place with shared common areas because I'm such a private person.  The staff, volunteers, and other patients were very welcoming and the atmosphere exuded healing.  I experienced the loss of my mother while staying here and the staff was so compassionate and understanding.  The more I began to socialize.  I was a recluse for several weeks due to grief and illness.  I made lasting connections and began to feel hope again.  Residing at the Hope Lodge made me realize that cancer is a war, but can be defeated when we have everyone fighting together.  I leave here with strength and peace knowing that people truly care and none of us are in this alone.  It has been a great experience despite the circumstances.
Lancaster, SC                click here
Hope Lodge is a wonderful place to stay.  In my arrival I felt so welcome by the staff as well as the patients.  It feels good being around others who are going through an ordeal similar to yours.  Because we were able to stay at the Hope Lodge my husband and I did not have to drive 3 1/2 hours back and forth 3 times a week.  Being a young 42 year old woman with a rare kidney cancer is a hard situation to accept.  I lost my left kidney.  It is now in my lungs and that is why I have lost my job.  My husband lost his job.  It was one thing after another.  I know God is with me because my first doctor gave me 6 months  because this cancer is so rare that they don't have a lot of information about it.  It is only found in black women with sickle cell or the trait.  Before my sickness I was an outgoing healthy woman who worked out 5 days a week, never had a cold.  I always waited on other people.  Now it's the other way around.  I've been sick since Feb. 21, 2008.  So it's been more than 6 months and I am still here fighting, I'm not going to give up I have too much to live for; children, grand's, life itself.  Being around a group of people like the ones at Hope Lodge has made me even stronger.  There are some sicker than me: I'm grateful for God putting me with people at the Hope Lodge.

May God continue to bless Hope lodge and the people who work there as well as those who pass through.

Pawley's Island, SC       click here
Our experience with the Charleston SC Hope Lodge was a pure blessing to us.  Sundi and Rebecca, the managers, were so caring and offered their help to us in many ways.  Also the wonderful volunteers were uplifting, always cheerful and willing to help with any need that we had.  I also want to mention the excellent services we received from Priscilla Hancock.  She always called us back when promised, to let us know if we had a room for the period of time we were taking treatment.

Also the patients and caregivers were just like friends and we made some life long friendships.  We loved our Charleston Hope Lodge and will continue to support when we can.  Also want to mention how organized and clean our Charleston Hope Lodge was.  We never had a problem and are so grateful to Sundi and Rebecca for their excellent service.

St. Matthews, SC           click here
I was discharged from the hospital on Friday and had to be back for five days of treatment on Monday.  The Hope Lodge provided us with a very comfortable and loving place to stay.  The staff here was able to tell us what help we could get from the American Cancer Society as well as talk to us about all the feelings we were going through.  The other guests were very friendly and we shared stories about our cancer and how to cope both physically and emotionally.  I felt very comfortable while there and am very grateful for the staff and guests.  They have helped me deal with my leukemia better because I know I am not alone.
Seneca, SC                    click here
I've needed to find courage for a lot of things over the past few months -- a layoff, a diagnosis of breast cancer, and a bilateral mastectomy.  Even though I am now on the road to a new life, microsurgical breast reconstruction was a daunting mountain.  Being able to stay at the Hope Lodge lifted a dark weight, not knowing how I was going to pay for a hotel room.  Once I moved in for my two week stay I discovered the the Hope Lodge is much more that a free room.  It's a home, a home where I discovered a new family.  I met people who would talk about shared problems and hopes.  Management here cares about the guests, offering help and suggestions.  The various nooks, lounges and simply what it says it is -- a haven of hope.
Orangeburg, SC            click here
We knew that momma needed 7 weeks of Radiation with chemotherapy once a week.  Living an hour an a half away would have been hard on her daily and also would have been very expensive to drive daily or to stay in a motel.  We had to stay in a motel for a week before the Hope Lodge became available.  That was provided by a one time grant from the Hollings Center.  At the end of that week, the Hope Lodge opened up.  It was such a blessing to know we had a place to stay for the duration of her treatments and we thank God for the Hope Lodge, the staff, and other guest that we bonded with.  The treatments have ended and we're hoping and praying that the cancer in her mouth will be completely gone when she returns for the CT scan in a month.
Abbeville, SC                 click here
I was depressed not knowing what to do.  The Hope Lodge was supportive and helped financially.  Today I am feeling stronger and much better.  I got a good report from the doctors.  We appreciate our time at the Hope Lodge.  We cound't have made it without it.
Salem, SC                      click here
I guess my story is no different than all who come here to stay and that is we all have cancer and a life changing experience from the disease.  The Hope Lodge gave us peace, safety and a place to rest.  Not knowing what physical pain or suffering might come.  The Hope Lodge gave us a sense of home and an identity with the staff and other patients who help one another, encourage one another and give hope of healing care.  Nothing can replace this as they provided a spirit of unity and support as we face the work of healing and treatment for cancer.  Great care was given to us by all.
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